Our Commitment to Clean

Swiffer and Sustainability

Swiffer and Sustainability

Contribute to P&G’s ongoing sustainability efforts through the use of Swiffer Wet.

P&G Responsible Growth, P&G Recycling

P&G is Dedicated To Responsible Growth

Check out P&G’s roadmap to the future and how they are making every day better.

Swiffer Our Mission

A One-Year Warranty On Our Swiffer Products

Sit back and relax. Our product warranties provide you with complete satisfaction.

Our Mission: To Take The Bore Out Of The Chore

Swiffer & Terracycle

It’s free. It’s easy. It keeps the environment clean. While you’re doing good for the planet, TerraCycle does good for you.

Swiffer Ingredient Safety

Ingredient Safety

Everything we do is focused on making sure you can clean smarter, not harder, and that begins with safety.

Nothing to lose but the dirt

Nothing To Lose But The Dirt

We guarantee top quality products or your money back.