What's the Swiffer Effect?

It’s wearing white socks in the house and kicking your feet up because you know they’re clean.It’s deep couch sitting and taking 100% more naps. It’s a dynamite feeling that makes you say “Ba-Bam!” It’s the Swiffer Effect, and it goes way beyond the call of clean.

It’s letting the kids be kids and being a big kid yourself. It’s singing in the rain, playing in the snow, and jumping in a pile of leaves. It’s bringing mud in the house and putting the“Towel Mop Shuffle” to shame. It’s the Swiffer Effect.

It’s winning the battle against dirt and crowning yourself the “Queen of Clean.”It’s reaching new heights. It’s bringing the party back to your place, and the warm and fuzzy feeling you get after telling your guests, “Make Yourself at Home.”It’s having more time for the things that matter most. That’s the Swiffer Effect, and it transforms the way you feel about cleaning. What’s yours?